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stone-wall.jpg  Here is another example application of our stone work illustrating the versatility of Faux-Stone.  This vertical sheet stone wall was created on a steel stud sheet rock covered wall and is suitable for interior or exterior applications. This stone is not stained.  

This work was completed by two workers in an afternoon.

This example is located at our shop.

stained wall 



Here is the shop wall after staining. Notice that we are attempting to create a chiseled look such as like an old Egyptian stonecutter work will look. The stain we use is very good because if we need to add or change the color we just reapply the new color. That is it, we can cover the existing color and change it to match any color you like. 

This Faux-Stone entry illustrates another application of Faux-Stone.  This adaptation of Faux-Stone was created during an instructional demonstration class.   


Here is yet another example of the natural looking versatility of Faux-Stone products. 

This was created during an instructional demonstration of Faux-Stone applications.   

Your ideas can become a reality using the Faux-Stone Technology.



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