Here is one of our Faux-Stone columns. 
These are cast in place and are also made of  Fiber reinforced 
concrete and stained to order. 
This one has a broken off like being very old. We got this idea from the movie "The Mummy"

These columns are about 1 inch thick and 
are sealed with cp500  which is used in highway bridge work.

This  grouping is a cast in place and two cast at the warehouse.
The customer is the owner of a local rock yard! 
Yes he owns a natural rockyard in Oklahoma City.
He required the covering of a waterwell and a
sprinkler control box.  These can be lifted for access.
And we are here to accomadate the customer. toddgram1.jpg
Here is a shot of the otherside. Note that the rocks appear
to be shinny. These have been sealed and are sill wet.
Here is a  FS1 with a customers name cast in the rock. This photo is taken in our shop before delivery.
Here is our newest rock. This is the top of the stone. We have not named it yet but it is a winner.

ere is the whole rock it neasures 16" tall by 30" long by 26" wide.

Here is the top again. Boy does that look real or what?


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