Faux-Stone is  in most ways better than natural boulders, because the placing of natural boulders is more

difficult due to their weight and size. Plus natural boulders don't fit together as one's  cast in place.

 No special equipment is required and you are not depleting the natural supply.

                                           moore.gif                                                                                                                                   after.gif

  This job on the left was constructed in 1998. The owners had contacted vinyl liner pool builders and where told that a pool couldn't be built there. But as you can see we had no problem with the space allowed. This pool is a 14 by 28 or so. It is 5 feet deep. The cantilever coping fits in just right. It was stamped and stained to order. Natural boulders where installed to complement the pool.

This is another view of the Igo's pool. Notice the boulder going into the water. This pool was built before we learned to construct Faux-Stone. It's freeform shape was easy to build and the raised bond beam was just the right size for the small waterfalls. The owner can here the falls throughout the house.
They even named the pool sweep after the builder. Boy what a complement!





zuk.jpg This pool was constructed on the ground and then back filled. The architect was a little unsure of the elevation situation and didn't relies that the yard fell off five feet. We hauled in 28 loads of soil to make the decking work out.
The columns are stone cut from solid rock in Mexico somewhere. We ordered them on the day after the sale and they arrived just in time. The concrete shell is one piece, steps and all. Even the column area was constructed by building a spool which rebar was tied on the outside and then gunited. The steps where all one piece along with the shell. It was quite a task to set-up correctly.

 Here is a very nice pool completed in early 2002. The owners property had it's limitations for space for a pool. We constructed it in all the available space we had.
The raised wall acts as a retainer wall in the easement line. We used a mixture of autumn mist flag stone and some cut stone in a random pattern. The falls was constructed with one large slab rock with Colorado stream boulders. The falls have a separate pump and time clock to run anytime. The owners just love the sound the falls create.
 Here is the same pool from the other end. As you can see this is a great lap pool.











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