balbrech1.jpg Here is a fantastic pool with waterfalls and cave. It was constructed in 1995. We used 280 tons of native Oklahoma stone. The 2 to 4 ton boulders were placed with a crane. The boulder work took 4 days. There is a cave located behind the waterfalls and are accessible from a deep end swim out behind the falls. We installed fiber optic lighting in the cave to enhance the night swimmers.




newfalls.jpg Here is a unique stone collection. Again this is the product of someone's imagination. All we need is the chance to construct one of  these in your yard or  place of business. 



Here is a retainer wall constructed in Faux-Stone. As you can see it is much more attractive than railroad ties or concrete walls. We can imbed planters and falls also. Up-light at night for a really good look and it will really make your erosion problem disapear.   



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Bricktown cave  

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